What To Expect

Liberation, Lament, Greek Geekery, Sermonizing, and Seminarian Angst.

Frustrations and Victories. Retrospectives on Blessings and Tribulations. General Nerdiness. Occasional Rants.

And promise…more than just lists like the above.

I started this Blog on my “downward slide” in seminary. With a planned Graduation Date of May 2017, I’m closer to finishing than starting at this point. This is something I had always thought about doing and I realized that if I didn’t just do it, I never would.

Who am I? My name is Paul Schneider. I’m a Father and Husband. I’m a Christian, denominationally an American Baptist. I’m a Seminary student, and  occasional preacher. I’m an even more occasional fiction writer. I am a gamer who loves role-playing games, video games and board games. I enjoy reading speculative fiction of all kinds and in any format, but especially as comics, novels, and short stories. I live in Oakland, California, and go to school at the American Baptist Seminary of the West. I sell tape for a living by day. By night I roam the streets fighting crime dressed like a squirrel… wait, no, usually I am reading theology, sociology, and writing papers on them. On good days (and nights) I manage to do all of this and get some sleep. On bad days I think of sleep fondly and zombie my way to the coffee pot.

I am working through Liberation Theology from the context of the privileged, and Practical Theology from the context of the lay person turned academic. I struggle with finding a path toward a theology of decentering whiteness without impersonalizing the theology. An impersonal theology is almost always a theology of oppression. This blog is meant to force me to clarify my thoughts about that, to act as a sounding board and starting point for conversation – because theology without conversation is not theology at all. #talcabsw. #abswtheology.

I’m working on the lament as a lost art form. I’m not very good at it, yet, as I spent far too long building a positive mental outlook as my default setting. I believe that there are things worth lamenting, but I also believe that in faith and action we can move toward a world where those things won’t happen again, or are made right.

I love reading things for myself – more on that another time – and so I took a year of Greek in seminary. I’m a bit out of practice, but you might see me wrestling with some of it as I work on sermons or papers here and there. You may also read of my journey in seminary – the good, the bad and the ugly.

You can follow my crime fighting exploits… wait, no, my thoughts on the things I come across in social justice, theology, comics, role-playing, laments and hope on my twitter: @logon_paulos. Or here.


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